Saturday, October 8, 2011

'What are words?' - Dedicated to my leading men

Anywhere I go, he will be near me,
Anywhere I go, he will be there for me,
Every time I whisper his name, 
He will come near me,
Hold my hand with his warm heat,
Try his best to comfort me,
Try his best to heal all the pain..

He is the one for me right?
The one who stick with me when Im the weakest

Listening to this song remind me of him... (Chris Medina - What are words)

'What are words?'
'If you really don't mean them?'
'When you say them'
'What are words?'
'If there only for good times?'
'Then they dont'
'When its love'
'Yeah you say them loud'
'Those words, they never go away'
'They live on, even when we're gone'

'And I know an angel was sent just for me'
'And I know Im meant to be where I am'
'And Im gonna be standing right beside her tonight'

Yes he is...^^, Im glad I find my other half...Thank you baby.....I love you...I never dream to stand up again...but u make me...

p/s girls, if the guy makes u cry, trust me, he's not worth your love...he just your your eyes,...stop thinking about the past...move on...and feel the love again...I mean true love...^_^ good luck on finding one...


immeylito said...

when my bf gave me this song, at that moment i knew he's the one...lagu ni sangat sedih (true love story of chris medina)...i hope he'll be the one standing right beside me sehingga hari tua ku...heheh :p~~~

Natasya Caliph said...

yeah u right! im crying when i listened to this song sob2 T_T true love is really hard to find right? good luck to u kak Iman