Saturday, October 8, 2011

'What are words?' - Dedicated to my leading men

Anywhere I go, he will be near me,
Anywhere I go, he will be there for me,
Every time I whisper his name, 
He will come near me,
Hold my hand with his warm heat,
Try his best to comfort me,
Try his best to heal all the pain..

He is the one for me right?
The one who stick with me when Im the weakest

Listening to this song remind me of him... (Chris Medina - What are words)

'What are words?'
'If you really don't mean them?'
'When you say them'
'What are words?'
'If there only for good times?'
'Then they dont'
'When its love'
'Yeah you say them loud'
'Those words, they never go away'
'They live on, even when we're gone'

'And I know an angel was sent just for me'
'And I know Im meant to be where I am'
'And Im gonna be standing right beside her tonight'

Yes he is...^^, Im glad I find my other half...Thank you baby.....I love you...I never dream to stand up again...but u make me...

p/s girls, if the guy makes u cry, trust me, he's not worth your love...he just your your eyes,...stop thinking about the past...move on...and feel the love again...I mean true love...^_^ good luck on finding one...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Kubawa Hati Ini

Aku tidak lagi dungu!
Tidak si jalang!
Tidak si pengemis itu!

Sumayyahkah aku?
Pastinya aku tidak takut lagi hilang rindumu
Aku tidak gusar lagi fikir deritaku
Tatkala rindu datang menjenguk

Kau tidak pernah mati
Kau masih sihat bernafas
Kau masih berdenyut nadinya
Kau masih lagi bebas
Ke sana ke mari
Tanpa batasnya!

Aku hanya hilang jasadmu
Tidak pada cintamu
Kerana itu kau akan selalu berada dalam hatiku
Itu sudah memadai

Tiada siapa yang dapat memisahkan 
Dan rindu itu!

p/s Anis, Tasya amik ni dari ur novel la...hehe sempat lagi curi2 baca...goin to miss u sangat ok

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Memory

It’s the night before Eid Fitr…
And I’m smiling to myself
Because I’m looking at two girls
In a picture of my shelf

You remember when we were 19 years old?
And it was the first day of college
Those two girls just known each other
We both felt so comfortable

As time slowly moved on
We became the best of friends
Saying we’d always be there together
Friends until the end

After we graduated
We go on our separate way
We didn’t see each other much
But the love was still full

Yet the day after day I would hope
That we were still close
And you felt the same way
But of pain, we both had our own dose

You left your friendship for your lover
You turning into a selfish person
Just thought about your own benefits
Just thought about taking advantage
What kind of person are you?
I don’t even know you anymore?
Who are you?
Are you still the same person?
I don’t think so..

But I was too wrapped up
In the drama of my life
I didn’t want to see
Another painful drama

Now looking back
On those painful times
I realize that I committed
The worst of all crimes
You hurt too
You missing me too
But I too dumb to realize that
I too ego to accept it
Maybe I’m the one who turning into a selfish and arrogant person

I wasn’t there for you
The way you were for me
And I’m sorry for my mistakes
Can you forgive me please?

I love you like my sister
And I hope you do too
Can we put all that in the past and start the new one?
Let us start our lives new..

Love, Tasya

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What Are Best Friends? (Me & Syaswani Naim – My Childhood friends)

"A good friend is hard to find, hard to lose, and impossible to forget..." Kwn sejati tu susah nak jmp. It’s not something yang boleh jadi dalam masa yg singkat. It was not gained but u must earn it. Friendship basically to me is sesuatu yg PERLU ada dlm hidup ni.. kalau xda kwn, x lengkap la hidup kita kan? Kwn2 yg ada time kite susah itulah ‘Friend in need and friend indeed’. Okay lah dalam entry ni Tasya nak share about my childhood friend! Hug kiss hug kiss xoxo

My best friend is someone I have known since my childhood. Our friendship goes back to the time when I was 11 years old. Her name is Syaswani Naim, I call her simply ‘Wani’. She lived a couple of blocks from my house. We had a lot in common, and we spent time together during the weekends plus weekdays also =D.

We met after my family moved to Muar, Johor (1999). Our family very close, we seems related to each other even though my family is not originally from Muar..I spent my childhood & adolescence at Muar makes me considered myself as one of the Muarian..hey I don’t forget about my roots yah, I’m proudly ‘ANAK JATI NOGORI’. =D

I remembered many of my favorite hobbies were because of her influence. Strange but somehow she seemed to be a big influence on me in my early years. Maybe because I saw her as a role model. I learned to ride a motorcycle from her…haha its funny because when the first time I tried to ride on her bike, both of us almost accident. But its really fun after all she been thru she still laughing when looking at me trying my best to ride the motorcycle ..haih I missed her motorcycle ..(Lagenda bike – antara motor paling famous time kitorg sekolah dulu).

I remember the days when we used to have our own bicycles. Merayau x hengat! Time elementary school, kitorg jadi rider basikal je..when we enter high school, we started riding motorcycle..and yeah.. Without license muahaha =D

We have so much fun with motorcycle! I will ride my daddy Modenas Kriss while she will ride on her Lagenda =p I even ride my bike to met my ex bf that time, accompanied by Wani..=.= lol.. dating pun berteman..haha kanak2 lagi la katakan =D
Even though we go to separate school (Tasya study kat SMK Dato’ Sri Amar or name glamour nye SEDAR while Wani went to SMK Tengku Mahkota, erk betol ke ejaan sekolah nih? Err hentam je r), we not going to let that be some kind of boundary yg akan pisahkan kami! NEHI! Balik sekolah je when we still wore our uniform, kami akan main badminton (our favourite game, now x main dah, pemalas!)..yeah dengan berbaju kurung! Nak dijadi citer mmg panjang lah,,but itulah kawan baik saya,,,I love her,..i love Aunty Pah & Unlce Naim (parents Wani) and of coz, her sisters (Kak Ngah & Adik) plus little brother, Akeem.. xoxoxo May Allah bless our friendship ^^,

Lots of love, Tasya bucuk =p

Happy Eid Fitri - What did it means to you?

Since it still Syawal, rasanya its not too late to wish all of you Happy Eif Fitri right? Hehe so hows uols nyer sambutan raya? Awesome? Boring? Exhausted? hee rasanya sume tu ada kn? Haa same goes to me..below my pic raya...gedik2 sume nye...xyah meluat ok..haha

beraya dekat rumah kerabat n jiran plus kwan2, mesti ketupat lemang ada kn? its diff with my family =.=. My mom lebih suka masak nasi lemak with me its the yummiest nasi lemak n rendang ever! no one can beat my momma cook! haih i wish i can cook well but nah, im suck with it..damn! haha

ok diz is me and my beloved parents =D

d yummiest nasi lemak plus rendang ! miss it ='(

hehe mari bersalaman and bermaafan dengan kedua orang tua kita ^^,

Me with my beloved adik2, Anas & Zaid...=) love both of them so much!

Me & my fav adik, Zaid Khalid...someday he will be a great Doctor!

^_^ sebelum terlambat, Tasya mo mintak maaf sangat2 kalau ada terkasar bahasa n tersalah kat mana2, biasa la manusia tu kan alpa...sorry eh! 0 - 0 ..lets start a new phase!! ni tasya paste sebanyak mungkin pic raya .enjoy! =D

Newbie ^^, - Hello peeps